Thursday, October 12, 2006

Randy's Most Memorable Sports Moments: #5

There are few things more gratifying that beating someone that you know is better than you. My best memory of a scenario like this is playing basketball at the Calvin apartments. When I was a sophomore there was a junior named Pete that was 6'4", solidly built, and could easily dunk with 2 hands whether in a game or just shooting around. He was no college basketball player but he was certainly a lot better than any of the rest of us that regularly played at the apartments.

One day we had enough guys for 4 on 4 and chose teams by shooting free throws. Pete and I were on different teams and as the biggest guy on my team I was tasked with guarding him. The rest of my team was definitely over matched as well.

That day was a great day for me; I was just as on as I could be. The first game was close but the other team didn't mesh well and missed a lot of shots so we won 15-12. The second game Pete came out with a point to prove. Nearly every possession he would just power to the hole and I did all I could to keep him from scoring every time. My team played tough and we stayed in it until the end. We fought back from down 11-13 until suddenly it was tied at 13 and I made a tough basket to put us up by 1. We stopped them on defense and I got the rebound so we would win if we could just score. I decided to take our fate into my own hands and took the ball to the hole in a bull rush. Being game point I expected them to roughly contest the shot. As I reached the hoop I was drilled from all sides and especially behind. Somehow, while being shoved out of bounds into the grass, I managed to throw the ball towards the hoop, where it bounced around the rim long enough for me fall to the ground, roll onto my back, and watch it fall into the basket for a 15-13 victory!


Blogger Duby said...

oh man, I tried to play against Pete once. It was sad, very very sad.

3:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i think i remember this "pete" of which you speak of, i also remember playing bball with you and your roomates with erin once over there at the apartments..and you said girls couldn't and shouldn't play...and that's when i first didn't like you... even though i couldn't disprove your theory myself...i still sometimes cry at night..hehe..jk

11:31 PM  

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