Saturday, December 30, 2006


The Veldhof family spent a couple days in Pokagen State Park in Indiana. We had a fun time riding on the toboggan, going out to eat, swimming, sitting in the hot tub, playing around-the-world-ping-pong, and hiking.

When Erin and I were in Rio de Janeiro more than a year ago I stepped on some sort of Sea Urchin while swimming in the ocean. This particular little devel inserted about 40 little black prickers into my feet. It felt like a bee sting. I was able to remove most of them right away. However, 4 or 5 stayed lodged in my feet for weeks and would hurt whenever I put pressure on them as they would poke into the flesh of my foot. After a couple of weeks I dug all but one out and that remaining one has been bothering me for 13 months now. It is in a section of my foot that I can't reach easily and the little pricker got burried under a thick calus. So this weekend I took advantage of the fact that Erin's sister Gwen and her husband Rob are aspiring doctors. Rob did surgery on my foot in the hotel room to try to remove the pest. Lindsay, Erin, and Gwen also lent helping hands.

Unfortunately, Rob couldn't see it even after digging through the calus, so the little devil is still at large. I'm hoping by removing the calus the pricker will find its way out.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

don't we all have a little bit of brazil in us that we can never get rid of? and why would you want to really

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