Monday, December 18, 2006

The Elenbaas Gang

It was an awesome Elenbaas family Christmas weekend. Since some of us Elenbaas kids moved out and got married we've been having Christmas back home a weekend early for the last couple years. This allows us to spend a good couple days together and as expected we've already developed some great traditions.

Friday night: Watching the PCA basketball game. Derek did very well and PCA won big.
Making my favorite Christmas cookies. Frosting my favorite Christmas cookies. Eating lots of my favorite Christmas cookies.
Watching old Christmas TV specials (from the mid 80's). Seeing the old ads are great too.

Saturday: Deliver angel tree gifts, go out to lunch at Coney Island, go to a movie, home made steak dinner, and opening Christmas gifts.

Sunday: Church in Dearborn, dinner at home, and finally stocking presents.

Thanks mom and dad for a great weekend.


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