Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Stinky Suprise

The other weekend Erin and I were doing some landscaping. After some work we had piled up a bunch of weeds that I wanted to dump in the woods behind our house, so I went to go retrieve the wheel barrel. I keep my wheel barrel about 20 feet into the woods so that it doesn't clutter the garage. I also store it upside down so that it doesn't collect water and then rust.

So I walked out to the wheel barrel and the moment before I lifted it up this thought crossed my mind: "hmmm, this has been sitting upside down and undisturbed for the last 6 months, I wonder if something might be living underneath it...oh well." As soon I lifted it I saw movement underneath, and then I saw WHAT was moving! A SKUNK! Ahhhh.
I was sure I was going to get sprayed as I was standing about 2 feet from the little devil. But I was lucky, the furry critter only seemed to be half alive and didn't move much. After my initial shock and run towards the house we revisited the skunk and he hardly budged. Thankfully.

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