Tuesday, January 15, 2008

St. Louis Boys Weekend

Last week Jason mentioned in passing that we hadn't been to St. Louis to visit Darren in awhile and that we should try to go again. We then discovered that both our wives were working over the weekend so off we went.

The drive down was enjoyable as Jason and I once again solved the world's problems. We also discovered that Hardees has GREAT burgers. We had to meet Darren downtown instead of going straight to his apartment like normal so we had an excellent night-time view of downtown St. Louis. This picture isn't the best but it is all I could get. You can kind of see the arch in the center.

Basically we just hung out all weekend and didn't do anything too touristy besides checking out the brand new casino downtown. Darren hit a big winner on his second slot machine pull ever.

On Saturday we went for a nice 8 mile run and then played board games the rest of the night. Cities and Knights was the game of choice, but it is a good thing we had all night. The game is very involved and each lasted 3 hours.

Cheers to a fun weekend.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

3 person Cities and Knights lasted 3 hours? How drunk WERE you guys??


7:34 PM  

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