Sunday, September 21, 2008

Painter's High

On Saturday morning we finished the last of our major painting! Thanks to lots of help and lots of hard work we basically repainted the whole house in 2 weeks. Erin (and others) did a very good job picking out colors and I'm sure we'll be happy for years to come.

Our biggest battles were the master bedroom and Evie's bedroom. I thought the master bedroom looked fine with the tan/blue/white combo but Erin wanted just blue and white. I wanted Evie's room to be pink but Erin wanted yellow. When Erin was pregnant with Evie she admitted that it would be nice to know Evie's gender before birth just so she could properly decorate the bedroom. It's a girl! The room needs to be pink! So we compromised, I get pink for baby's room and Erin gets white for our room.

Here is before and after for the master bedroom.

Here is before and after for Evie's bedroom.

Here is before and after for the spare bedroom.

Final painting stats:

  • 1 gallon of primer
  • 15 gallons of paint
  • 9 rollers
  • 4 brushes
  • 125 hours


Blogger Slicy said...

It looks great. My only question is... why did you guys decide to paint all of the windows black? I thought the clear looked ok.

9:17 PM  

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