Monday, August 11, 2008

Wedding Weekend

Erin and I have moved out of the era where all of our friends are getting married, so we are thankfully down to 2-3 weddings per year compared to 8-10 weddings a summer those first few years out of college.

This past weekend happened to have two weddings. On Friday we saw my cousin Cheri marry my second cousin Darren. That sounds weird, but they are from different sides of my family and actually met on the dance floor of OUR wedding! Here is a much younger Darren making his moves on Cheri 4 years ago.The other wedding was Erin's work friend who is also named Erin Elizabeth.

Evie and her second cousin Max met for the first time at Darren and Cheri's wedding. Max is about 4 weeks younger and the two didn't seem very impressed with each other.
The new grandmas tried to steal some time with the babies but both were overwhelmed and needed to calm down outside for awhile.
Weddings are always good for family photos.
I had my first official father daughter dance. Evie enjoyed it this time, but I don't know how many years that will last. It was definitely a different feeling watching a father walk his daughter down the aisle and then give her away.
The other wedding was way up in Kingsley, Michigan. It was an outdoor wedding on an unseasonably cool August evening. Here are all the labor and delivery nurses.


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