Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Evie at 4 months

Evie is growing up in front of our eyes. I am amazed how much she progresses and seems to learn every day. Physically, she is growing at an amazing rate. In 4 months she's more than doubled in size! Here she is today sporting her Michelin rolls.
A few weeks ago we introduced baby to her running stroller. She used to like our walks and roller blade rides but lately has fought it.
She has given a lot more smiles in the last month and 2 weeks ago she started laughing. I love the laugh of an infant because you can tell it is motivated by pure joy.
For the most part Evie is a happy baby, but she has plenty of crabby moments as well. She doesn't like to nap during the day so when she gets tired she usually puts up a fuss until she finally is too exhausted to fight it. One night at supper she collapsed in her bumbo chair as she simply couldn't hold her head up anymore.
We cherish the moments we get to snuggle or relax with our content baby.As Evie learns about the world around her I'm noticing a disturbing interest. She really likes watching TV. Today she happily held her head up to watch some daytime TV with Erin. Two nights ago she rolled onto her side to watch the Olympics.
Today Evie had a major accomplishment - she rolled over! Erin and Grandma Veldhof missed it but when they put her on her stomach she quickly repeated the feat. When I came home from work she showed me the skill as well.


Blogger Slicy said...

I love the sleeping while eating pic.

"I'm sorry mom... I'm just... too tired... to eat."

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