Sunday, October 05, 2008

Trees in the Bedroom

It was a good weekend with lots of activity. Here are the highlights:

A few weeks ago Erin had the idea to paint a tree on Evie's wall. Saturday she recruited a couple of art majors to help; Jenny and her dad. The three of them painted a very tasteful and cool looking tree.
Our cabinets came in and the kitchen is starting to take shape.
We gave Evie spoon food for the first time on Friday. She was very excited at first, probably because she thought we were allowing her to eat something she shouldn't. After about 5 bites her expression suddenly changed to "oh, this tastes kind of nasty."
Her appetite quickly prevailed and she happily ate as much as we offered. She wasn't even that messy.
"Feel the Zeel" - I suddenly feel like a Zeeland native. This weekend was Zeeland's annual Pumpkinfest with lots of family activities. I ran in "The Great Pumpkin Chase" 5k Saturday morning and the activities culminated in a Pumpkin Parade on Saturday afternoon in downtown Zeeland. We dressed Evie for the occasion and she watched her first parade.
Evie was a grump. She needed a nap and was not happy about being dressed up for our amusement.

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Blogger Slicy said...

that tree is cool! I think I also want to recruit some for our wall as well. Instead of a tree, though, how about a blown up picture of a breakdancing Hamster playing a violin while dancing the Charleston with a puffer-fish named Lauren who is having a seizure inside of a hollowed out pomegranate.

That, or a tree, either would be good.

Oh, and for Randy, I'm starting swimming 3x a week to get in shape so that I can start the p90. Feel the burn baby!

5:44 PM  

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