Monday, February 02, 2009

Las Vegas

I ventured to Las Vegas with two brother-in-laws and a friend last week. Dave scored an awesome suite at the Venetian and we bummed off him.We had a great time playing casino games, hanging out, and checking out the hotels.
Our favorite playing casino was Casino Royale.
I learned a new game - Paigow.
The fountain at the Bellagio was spectacular as usual.
Overall it was a great 3 days in Vegas. We didn't break the bank, but we did find a way to scam the casino on a match play bet.
Vegas is expensive. At the airport the have the $10 store.

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Blogger Slicy said...

when the heck did you guys get the balloon hats? I have no memory of this... was I at Bills at that time?

4:13 PM  

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