Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Ten Months

Little Miss Evelyn now runs the show at our house. At ten months she is very mobile and very curious. She has been pulling herself to standing for the last month and now stands up in the middle of the room when she wants and can balance for 15 seconds. In the blink of an eye she'll be in another room.Some of her favorite activities are opening drawers and pulling out the contents, getting chased by dad, and following mom wherever she goes. She kind of knows what "da" and "ma" mean and points at us in pictures. She also waves and claps, although not always when asked.
Her hair has grown long enough to fashion into a Mohawk after bath time.

Evie has already been to her first Michigan-OSU game and sat in a fire truck

Evie is not scared of much and is comfortable around almost everyone. The one person she is consistently afraid of is my brother Derek. Derek? He looks like me, doesn't have facial hair, and is very sweet to her. Derek wanted to be an uncle for the longest time, and now his niece cries whenever he gets close. Poor Derek.


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