Monday, March 02, 2009

Broken Family

Erin's college friend Josh bought a house on the north side of GR after graduating. Erin lived with other friends for a year and then she and Jenny moved into Josh's house in 2003. Almost immediately the family roles developed. Somehow, Erin convinced Josh that she needed the big bedroom and forced him into the small bedroom. Jenny was pushed into a make-shift room in the semi-finished basement. Josh and Erin were the unhappy parents, living in separate rooms. Jenny was the step-daughter, forced to live in the cold basement. And I was the home wrecker, taking "mom" away from "dad."
To this day, Jenny regularly calls Josh 'grandma,' but I'm not sure how that started. After about a year together, the family separated for good.
This weekend our broken family added a new member. Josh married Audrey, so now there is a step mom...and another home wrecker. Sorry step-daughter Jenny, the hits just keep coming.
The reception brought our family back together again. It was an excellent time with dancing, Wii and Karaoke.

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Blogger iloveredheads said...

haha..this made me cry and laugh...thanks for bringing up memories of my broken childhood. also still don't remember why i call josh grandma...maybe because he likes to iron?

3:21 PM  

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