Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

The cottage is open again! We had a full weekend with plenty of work to do. Besides the docks and boats, we also put together (dad and Marv) some shelves and Jason and I became responsible for raft upkeep. We made some minor raft repairs and plan to do a full rebuild next year.
Evie either really likes kids that are about 8 years old, or thinks she is that old herself. She doesn't pay much attention to teenagers or kids her age, but loved Molly. They were great buddies all weekend.
Evie was nervous at first for all of her boat rides, but enjoyed them by the end. We took the speed boat and putt putt out for a spin and went on 2 short paddle boat rides. Evie liked dragging her feet in the water alongside the paddle boat.
Evie was the center of attention once again. In the morning and at night before bedtime everyone just sat and watched. She is a very good entertainer.
Cheers to the start of another summer!


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