Thursday, November 10, 2011

Arizona Trip: Part 2

For the most part, we all hung out at the condo and let the kids play. However, one day we visited Arizona Air Park - a trampoline gym. I had never been to one before but I love trampolines. The air park was even better than I imagined! I figured there would be tons of rules and annoyances. Instead, we had the entire place to ourselves and there were virtually no rules. Also, we only had to pay for Evie. $7 for 2 hours for 5 people is quite a bargain.

The foam pit was great. Even Erin "sky-ed" into the foam pit.

Evie was a crazy girl. By the end, she would run in circles trying to gather speed in preparation for jumping into the foam pit. I timed her last one; she ran around and around for 90 seconds before jumping.
The basketball hoop was my favorite. I always loved dunking on 7' rims. Here I could dunk on regulation rims, and with awesome hang time.

I don't remember when or how I started, but I've been doing flips for a long time. I can confidently flip into water in almost any circumstance and I easily do front flips on trampolines. Evie made me so proud. After seeing me do a few flips, she waltzed up to the edge of the foam pit and did one herself.
Later that afternoon Evie was swimming and casually asked "daddy, want me do a fwip?" I grinned and said sure! She climbed out, walked to the edge and....!!!

That's my girl!

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Anonymous Von Gras said...

Looks like everybody had a fun time! Evie had great form on that flip into the pool. Olympics diving in her future?

2:05 PM  

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