Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Trip to Arizona: Part 1

We ventured to Scottsdale, AZ for our first time flying as a family of 5. As expected, it wasn't always fun but we made it!

It is RARE for William to fall asleep outside of his crib. The early morning flight and long lay over finally forced him into sleep in the Chicago airport.
Evelyn was happy to share her seat with William (and buckle him in). That arrangement lasted for about 3 seconds...
Jack had a crash of his own. The 3 hour flight from Chicago to Phoenix was long and frustrating. Both boys slept for over an hour, but also fidgeted, fought, whined, and squirmed for the remaining 2 hours.
The trip has definitely focused on the kids. There are 6 adults and 6 kids. The kids' ages are 4,3,2,0.9, 0.9, and 0.5.

We did a very short hike up (part of) the side of a mountain.
Monday was Halloween. It was a unique Halloween for us:
  • Temperature was 70+ so we walked around barefoot and with no coats
  • Several neighbors set up tables so they could sit outside to hand out candy
  • The neighborhood we are staying in is way upscale. The quality of candy was amazing.
  • Evelyn is old enough to enjoy and understand the experience. She had a blast.


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