Monday, April 30, 2012

Pinckney Trail Half Marathon 2012

Five years ago I raced in the Pinckney Trail Half Marathon.  I was shocked at the difficulty of trail races.  This year Derek had the inspiration to run it, so Marv and I decided to join.  I was prepared for serious misery, but actually REALLY enjoyed the race.  The hills were relentless, but not as high as I remember.  The downhills were painful last time, but a rush of adrenaline this time.

First, a visual of the hills.  They weren't as steep as the graph indicates, but there are WAY more.  Basically the course is nothing but up and down.  Lots and lots of very steep, 5-10 foot climbs.

I really didn't know what time to expect for myself since I have only been running 1-2 times a week.  However, I'm down a few pounds, have been playing a lot of basketball, and my training runs have generally felt good.  So away I went.

Mile 1:  11:00 (1,000 runners, single track, traffic jam)
Mile 2:  9:51 (still traffic jams)
Mile 3:  9:07
Mile 4:  9:22
Mile 5:  9:08
Mile 6:  9:23
Mile 7:  9:35 (walked through aid station)
Mile 8:  9:02
Mile 9:  9:31
Mile 10:  9:39
Mile 11: 9:52 (included bad fall, had to walk for a couple minutes to regroup)
Mile 12: 9:44 (included "cardiac hill", by far worst climb of race)
Mile 13.1:  9:14
TOTAL:  2:04:31 (27 out of 69 for male 30-34)

I was 5 minutes slower compared to 2007, but very happy with my race.  I know I enjoyed this year more, and 2007 was the peak of my running career.

Derek looked like death by the end but finished with a solid 2:12:33.

Marv's legs died at mile 11, but he finished with a strong 2:33:19.

Five years ago I remember seeing at least 10 people fall during the race.  This year Marv, Derek, and I each only saw 1 other person fall.  However, ALL 3 OF US FELL TWICE!  One of my falls was literally 5 seconds after telling Derek it was important to watch the ground (1/4 mile in).  My other fall was at mile 10, where I fell onto the start of a bridge at full speed at the base of the hill.  I hit hard and did a complete roll.  My knee is still bruised and bloody.


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