Saturday, January 14, 2012

Photo Stats 2011

Organization is one of my strong suits. Photography is one of Erin's. So I take the responsibility for organizing and maintaining our many family/vacation/random pictures. I use Picasa and am a big fan, particularly because it is so easy to organize and categorize. Via Picasa, here are our family photography stats for the year.
  • Stored photos since 2004: 27,019
  • Total photos saved 2011: 4,405
  • Photos tagged "favorites" 2011: 654
  • "Favorites" with Evelyn in them: 296
  • "Favorites" with William in them: 309
  • "Favorites" with Jack in them: 299
  • "Favorites" with Randy in them: 129
  • "Favorites" with Erin in them: 87
We must be very fair parents! Each child was in almost the exact same number of favorite pictures.

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