Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Florida 2012 - Part 2

There's no question, William and Jack are very different boys despite being twins.
Florida provided the clearest example to date...the beach.
William did not like the sand, particularly walking on it. He wanted to be held or sit on a towel.
Jack, on the other hand, became 100% crazy as soon as he touched the sand. Non-stop running, pure happiness, bolting into the water, and even shoving his face directly into the sand.

Pure joy on Jack's face; apprehension on William's face.
On the positive side, it was nice just sitting and cuddling with William on the beach.
Jack hit the beach running. The only problem was he didn't stop. His favorite game was to run directly into the ocean, daring you not to grab him. And as soon as you put him back down, he turned around and did it again! Literally non-stop until it was time to go home.
The 3 boy cousins did great together. One of their favorite activities was climbing all over the stroller.

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