Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Turning 30

I turned 30 yesterday. The thought of turning 30 was a little hard to take but Erin made my birthday as pleasant as possible.
Erin surprised me with a trip to Motor City Casino with friends and family. I thought I was clever by finding out Erin was surprising me with the night at the casino. I was right about that part, but she held on to the surprise that she also invited my dad, brother, 3 uncles, and 3 good friends.
We had a great night while my mom stayed with the kids.
On my actual birthday (surprise party was the preceding weekend) I woke up early and ran 10 miles before work. I guess I proved to myself that 30 is no different than 29.99.
If the aging process wasn't bad enough, I have 3 wild kids giving me grey hairs every day. The boys are 14 months and masters of destruction. Every minute of the day is something new with them. Climbing, fighting, pooping, running, eating, throwing, yelling, opening, ripping...it never ends. Sometimes we have to stop yelling and just take a few pictures.
After the weekend at my parents they finally gave in to sleep.

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