Monday, May 21, 2012

Best Beach on the Pond

I just finished the 3 week project to add a beach to our back yard.  It was ambitious, and I didn't use any motorized equipment to haul dirt, sand, stones, or sod.  What a big job!  

Step 1:  Remove 300 sq ft of sod by hand.  Push sod uphill to driveway. 
Step 2:  Dig up approximately 6-8 YARDS of dirt.  Push dirt uphill to driveway.  >100 wheel barrel loads!
Step 3:  Move 41 bags of paver base, 21 bags of paver sand, and 70 large concrete bricks down to the pond.

Step 4:  SAND!  Move 6 YARDS of sand down to the pond.  48 wheelbarrow loads.
The children all pitched in and helped since the beach really is for them. 
Total mass moved:
  • SOD:  3,000 lbs (moved all of it 3 times)
  • Dirt:  12,000 lbs
  • Stones:  5,000 lbs
  • Sand:  9,000 lbs
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Blogger Slicy said...

You know, I just noticed something. In each of these pictures... I see Evie working, Dave working, even the twins working... but only in 1 pic do I see Randy working. Dave appears to be a sweaty, beat up mess in the last pic while Randy quietly sits on the slide relaxing. Hmm, what sort of wizardry is this? And when can I get Samantha to work? Is 3 to early?


2:30 PM  

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