Monday, November 12, 2012

RBD Tour: Season 8

Derek, Ben, and I visited our 7th away Big-Ten stadium last weekend to watch the Wolverines beat Minnesota.  Our first 7 years included the 6 closest Big-Ten schools and nearby Notre Dame.  This year we had to rack up some miles so we flew to Minneapolis and spent a full weekend away.

Upon arrival we played some Frisbee golf in 2 parks.

On Saturday morning we parked near the stadium and tailgated next to a big crushing factory.

The stadium was excellent and the game was a success for Michigan, winning 35-13.  Their win makes our record 5-3 overall.  Remember, that includes the RichRod years...

Our food challenge for the weekend was to eat 50 McNuggets (each)!  The cashier almost passed out when I walked up and said "I'll take 150 McNuggets and 3 large pops."  He had to call the manager over to take the order.  The manager was so happy he threw in the pops for free.

I redeemed myself from last year's hot dog disappointment.  Results:
  • Randy - COMPLETE in 22 minutes
  • Derek - COMPLETE in 37 minutes
  • Ben - FAIL.  At 53 minutes he was at a pathetic 36 McNuggets.  He tried to finish strong but stumbled to a total of 43 nuggets in 60 minutes. 
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