Friday, July 22, 2005

Happy Day

Wednesday was one of those really good days. After a successful and rewarding afternoon at work I called Spirit airlines to book a flight to LA in October to visit my uncle Hal. Last Thanksgiving Erin and I took a trip to Myrtle Beach, SC for a 4 day weekend. Our flight left early Thanksgiving morning and was scheduled to be in Myrtle Beach by noon with a short stop in Washington DC. Upon arriving to DC, they made us get off the plane because they had a few mechanical bugs to work out before we could take off again and they said it might be an hour delay. Well basically they told us that every hour for the next 10 hours until we were a group of very unhappy travellers on Thanksgiving day. Most of the people on the flight had expected to be home in time for a turkey dinner with their families while Erin and I just wanted to enjoy the one day of the weekend that was predicted to be warm and sunny. We ended up getting to Myrtle Beach around 10pm with only the slight consolation of some free Spirit Airlines flight vouchers.

The vouchers expire Thanksgiving Day this year so we thought we'd use them for a long weekend to LA in October. When I called spirit on Wednesday I fully expected them to say the flights I wanted (which were awfully specific) couldn't be used for free vouchers anymore. To my surprise and delight they were available, so I booked them. But the best part was that after I had reserved the flight the woman said "you know you have another pair of free vouchers right?"!! Turns out that we each received 2 free vouchers from that Thanksgiving Day mess, so we get to go to LA free this fall and probably Las Vegas too.

To top the day off, I went golfing later in the evening and shot a near career best - 38. I started normally with a bogey, par, bogey, bogey but finished strong with 5 straight pars. I had two long eagle putts from the fringe but ended up only parring each of them. One of the two eagle putts was just after it had downpoured for 5 minutes and I had to putt through a puddle.

Erin is off to upstate NY for a long weekend and I am off to St. Louis this afternoon for the weekend. Never a dull moment...


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