Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Addiction to Stupid Games: Part 2

Second installment of my addiction to Stupid Games brings us to SSX, a snowboarding game for playstation 2. This addiction started about 6 weeks after my Tetris addiction ended. My roommate at the time, Michael Bloem, bought playstation 2 and SSX the weekend before interim started our freshmen year. This turned out to be a great decision as interim is basically just a month of a little bit of class, a little bit of homework, and 8+ hours a day of messing around.

Well SSX started innocently as everyone who I hung out with started getting into it because playstation 2 was new and our room was about the only room with it. After awhile though, I began really putting effort into it and started working my way through the game. As I said before, I get addicted to the games where I can do the same things over and over and set records. Well this game offered about 6 different levels where you could either race or get points for tricks. I loved setting points records and would play a level over and over until I had a great score. After you beat the final level of the game, a new stage opens up, which is appropriately named "pipe dream." This stage just happens to be the ultimate for points. It is set up to do amazing tricks and so naturally I set some goals and dove right in. My goal was to get half a million points on this level within the time frame given. It took quite awhile but I eventually met my goal. Very fun game but on my addiction rating system I would rate SSX as a 4 out of 10.

Stay tuned next week for Part 3: Tony Hawk, Pro Skater 3


Anonymous Cheri said...

I had an awesome time with you guys on Saturday night! ...are you going to post the pictures soon? catch ya later, Cheri

9:57 PM  

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