Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Joel's Bachelor Party

Another Bachelor party, this time it was for my cousin Joel. Out of my 23 cousins on both sides, Joel is the closest to my age. We grew up doing a lot together and we still hang out sometimes. His bachelor party was a great time. There were 12 of us for the golf scramble at Brigadoon in Grant, MI and 13 of us camping that night in Hesperia. The golf was least for my team. My teammates were James, Jeremy Knoester, and Derek Lew. Jeremy has only played once this summer and this was Derek's first time playing since 10th grade. Fortunately I've been playing well and James has amazing firepower if he has it under control. Basically the strategy was for me to put it in play and for James to swing away. Brigadoon is set up for lots of birdies if you can make some tricky shots, especially off the tee. I was getting the ball in play most of the time and James was absolutely on fire with his driver on the front nine. We had 3 par 4 holes that he drove within 50 yards of the green and one 300 yard par 4 that he went way over the trees to cut a corner and landed it on the green on the fly. We were 130 yards out on a 420 yard par 5 at one point and James stuck it 6 feet from the pin for eagle. Here is what our front nine looked like:

Hole Score
1 Par
2 Par
3 Birdie
4 Birdie
5 Par
6 Birdie
7 Birdie
8 Birdie
9 Birdie

An impressive -6 on the front and a solid -8 overall with no bogeys. Our group won by 3 over Matt's group and Joel and Paul's group finished at even par.

The camping was also a blast...except for the Grand Haven weirdos that hung around a little too long. Joel's boss Jeff (wearing the green striped shirt below) was absolutely crazy. So much energy!


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