Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday ERIN!!

Erin turned 25 on Monday! We celebrated by going to On the Border for dinner with a few friends and then hanging out at our house for cake afterward. On Tuesday we celebrated with Erin's family at the conference grounds.

Every year I make Erin her favorite cake...marble with chocolate frosting. But of course I think a standard 2-layer cake would be boring so I try to spice it up a bit. This year I doubled the recipe and tried to pack it all into 3 tasty layers. But as usual I had some problems. First, I forgot to put chocolate chips (my change to the recipe) in the bottom two layers. Then, I forgot to add vanilla to the frosting before I coated the bottom two layers. But my biggest flaw of all was the 3rd layer. I made the cake late at night the evening before Erin's birthday, so I had a bit of a time crunch. Plus, I had to make 3 layers with our 2 pans which meant that the 3rd layer was a separate batch from the first 2 and when it came out it was already after 11 at night. So I couldn't let it cool for too long, but when I tried to get it out of the pan I could just see it breaking all over the place. In the end, the top layer of the cake was a disaster and it looked like a dog (or me) had taken a few bites out of it. But it still tasted pretty darn good! Plus, I got to eat that whole section that fell off while I was making it.


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