Thursday, August 11, 2005

The Hollemans

Saturday was Rob and Amy's wedding. The weather was beautiful and the wedding went well. Afterward the wedding party went to the Gerald R. Ford museum downtown for some pictures. Shortly after we went to party at The Bluff for the reception. The reception was great and full open bar was awesome. One of my highlights in the evening was when Mike and I jumped the creek next to the hall and played the par three of Indian Trails that is right there. We played the hole twice, playing 2 balls each time. I chipped in one of my first two for a birdie and 2-putted the other for a par. Mike blew up and double bogeyed both. The "back 2" was poorer on my part but I still handily beat Bloem. Another highlight was when Vyn and I got to roast Rob for a few minutes in front of everyone. We brought up the fact that he always sits with his hands down his pants, he has amazing farts, he hates Duke, he always gets B+s, he always loses his keys, and he hates Minnesota. Here are some pictures from the day. If you'll notice some themes: Mike can really boogey, Eric sure dances with a lot of other women (including Vyn I caught him with 5!), and I may get in a bit of trouble for picking up a 14-year-old.


Blogger Duby said...

ahh pictures...
man I got to do your wife and Rob? I was a lucky man that night

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