Monday, September 12, 2005

Bobo Gets Married

Joel Bosch, aka Bobo, has been a close cousin all my life. On Saturday he got married to Lindsay Talsma. The wedding was nice and the reception was awesome. The Talsmas really threw a great party. The wedding was in Pella, Iowa. Pella is a dinky town in the middle of a thousand miles of cornfields. It is also known as a "Dutch" town. I never knew just how dutch it was. It clearly wishes it was a town in the Netherlands in the early 1900s, fit with narrow brick roads, brick buildings, a windmill and a canal. The Church was also clearly European.

But, the canal left something to be desired, as it was only about 12 inches deep and it ended rather abruptly.

The reception was a riot. The food was awesome, especially the chocolate fountain and cake. The dancing went till 2am. The Soper family really tore it up.


Anonymous Cheri said...

thanks so much!!!!

1:06 PM  
Blogger Duby said...

its odd, only a few of the pictures came up, and when Id refresh the page, a few different ones will come up

1:05 AM  

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