Wednesday, January 04, 2006

New Year's

New year's eve was a fun party at Jenny's with the likes of Mike, Duby, Jenny, Josh, and many others. We played the game Wizard a lot and had a few wrestling matches.

On new year's day Erin and I met her family in Pokagon State Park in northern Indiana. Its a nice family park with a cool hotel, hiking, and a sweet toboggan run. The toboggan run is about 1/4 mile long and basically you take a sled with plastic runners and fly down an ice track. Top speed was probably 25-30 mph. The only problem was that you had to carry the sled all the way back to the start of the track after every run.

At night we had a great family game of around-the-world ping pong. Here are some sweet action shots. I won 2 of the 4 games we played.

Unfortunately, on Monday I had to work but the rest of the Veldhofs went on a hike through the woods.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

way to gank my pictures.

although my retelling of new years was much much better

4:48 AM  

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