Thursday, August 31, 2006

Randy's Most Memorable Sports Moments: #8

I love a good head-to-head competition where I'm very evenly matched with my counterpart. It often comes down to determination, concentration, and of course luck. One such competition was bowling against my old roommate Duby.

When we lived together sophomore year of Calvin we'd often go to Eastbrook lanes on Thursday nights. They had a sweet deal where you could play as many games as you wanted from 9-11 for $9, including shoes. The two of us would go and play 6-7 games in those 2 hours.

On one occasion Duby was bowling very well and I started poorly. He thoroughly trounced me the first 3 games and the 4th was starting the same. At some point in the middle of the 4th game I got hot and started coming back. With just 3 frames left he had it all but locked it up. As luck would have it I bowled a spare in the 8th frame but the computer screwed up and gave me a strike. Duby got all flustered and I just sat there and smiled like I deserved it and should get credit for it. He then proceeded to bowl 3 very poor frames and I finished extremely well. It was such a flip-flop that I won even if the unearned strike was counted as a spare.

Game 5 was close but I pulled it out. The last two games were big wins by me as the momentum had clearly swung in my favor. By the end I had won 4 games to Duby's 3. We had a lot of good matches but this was the best and most controversial.


Anonymous Duby said...

that whole set was bull crap!!!!

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