Monday, October 30, 2006

The Detroit Half Marathon

Call me crazy, but a week after running the Chicago marathon I decided to run in another long event. Under no normal circumstances would I ask Erin to wake up at 5:30 am two weeks in a row and go stand out in the freezing cold for several hours. It was only because so many of my family was also running the Detroit Half Marathon that I couldn't help but join them.
It was cool that so many of us could run together, especially a father and his 2 sons. It was the first race of this distance for Paul, Steve, Maria, and Derek. They all performed very well, and my little bro even whooped up on me. Conversely, Marv finished first among the 2nd generation brothers.

I did my best to just enjoy the run and have fun with it. It is always great to have such loyal fans. Molly passed the time by trying to get a high five from every runner that passed by.
Final Times:
Paul Soper...1:52:15
Derek Elenbaas...1:56:03
Randy Elenbaas...1:58:42
Maria Bosch...2:02:25
Marv Elenbaas...2:13:13
Doug Elenbaas...2:15:35
Steve Elenbaas...2:15:35


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