Monday, November 06, 2006

"Over-rated Over-rated"

Eric and I went down to Champaign, Illinois this weekend to visit former roommate Michael. We had a great time hanging out, seeing the campus, watching arrested development, and playing poker. The best part of the weekend, however, was the football game between Illinois and ohio state. Sometimes its just as satisfying to root AGAINST ohio state as it is to root FOR Michigan. Michael and I dressed in our Michigan apparel just to tick off the OSU fans who clearly were annoyed with us as we walked by their tailgate parties and passed them in the stadium. We got into a few good arguments with them beforehand but we were sorely outnumbered as you might guess since the Michigan game was 400 miles away.

The game started predictably with OSU going up 17-0 pretty easily. But in the 2nd half Illinois played great defense and gave osu's offense nothing. Then in the 4th quarter Illinois put together two scoring drives to pull within 17-10. It was really funny because even though osu ended up winning by that score all the Illinois fans were happy after the game and all the osu fans were disgusted. We further aggravated the filthy buckeyes by chanting "over-rated" repeatedly as we left the stadium. It was great to see them flustered. Just wait until the 18th...


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