Sunday, May 20, 2007

Add another Smith to the Census

On Saturday Jenny, Erin and I enjoyed the weather by taking a 25 mile bike ride from Grand Rapids to Rockford along the white pines trail. It was a great trail and a good tune-up for Erin's bike trip across the Netherlands next month.

While biking I got an exciting phone call from Eric. At 2:01 on Saturday Eric and Amy became parents! They are the first among my friends to have a child so this morning I drove down to visit them in the hospital and hold little Kaylee Smith.
The birth went as well as you could expect for a first child and Kaylee was a healthy 7 lb 2 oz little girl.
Staying true to his nature, Eric had to incorporate something mathematical into the name of his daughter. There is a linear algebra theorem for the famous mathematician Arthur Cayley. Poor child, she has no idea how much worse the math analogies are going to get being the daughter of Eric. At least Eric can take comfort in the fact that she won't be able to roll her eyes at him or talk back for a good year.

Congratulations Eric and Amy!


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