Monday, October 15, 2007

Falling Irish

This is my fourth year of going to Notre Dame games with Eric. I believe their record in the games I've watched is 2-4. This weekend the 1-5 Irish hosted #4 Boston College. They put up a decent fight but ended up losing by 13. As always we tailgated all day with the ChemEng department, including young Kaylee.
Before the game we watched the "Oldest University Band" band march through campus to the stadium. We had terrific seats just 11 rows up.
On the way home Erin and I witnessed this nifty milestone. Hopefully the Honda lasts as long as the Caravan, which is cruising along at 221,000 miles.


Blogger Rob Friggin Brandt said...

To whom it may concern (Erin):

you have my deepest and heartfelt apologies for allegedly calling you a jerk. You are not a jerk. You are a punk.

Again, I'm sorry for getting these two confused.

With a loving affection that will transcend the ages,


p.s. punk.

5:52 PM  

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