Monday, January 21, 2008

Becoming Baby Wise

28 weeks! People keep telling me that my pregnancy is going so fast, which is great for them. So far the weeks have passed too slowly for me, well except for those days when I see an inconsolable baby or scary delivery. Then as far as I'm concerned time can stand still for a little while.

My little one has treated me quite well so far, I skipped the morning sickness and have just had an itchy belly. Randy has taken pictures of my belly each week which has just started to really expand.
One of the delightful things about being pregnant is the preparation. If you haven't been to Babies 'R Us you should go, it's an experience. There are so many cute little things that you would never even know a baby "needed". So along with the prep is baby showers, which are great fun. I had my first shower with Ellen and the Elenbaas side on New Years Day.
Cindy was gracious and hosted the shower for us and Paula planned a couple games. Molly informed me that it was the first baby shower she had been to so hopefully it was as memorable for her as it was for me.
This past weekend I had a work shower with Kelly who is 5 weeks ahead of me. Although the weather was not so nice we had a great time with soup, salads, bread, lots of baby stuff, and 'the Price is Right'. Thanks Amy, Kelly, and Marcy for planning it!


Anonymous slicy said...

So, in that second to last picture, is that a rectal thermometer that you are holding up?


Nothing says fun like shoving some technology up your new kids pooper. Be sure to check his temperature 3 times a day, just to be on the safe side. But first, have you checked to see if it's calibrated? The easiest way is to find some healthy individual that has run marathons in the past and check it on him (several times) just to be sure.


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