Sunday, July 27, 2008

Swimming Sermon

On Sundays at the cottage we typically go to an outdoor church service at Camp Henry. Camp Henry is conveniently located on Kimball Lake, a lake that is connected to Pickerel Lake. It is 2 miles by car or 1 mile by boat.

Over the years we've taken many modes of transportation to get to Camp Henry including driving, biking, running (home from church), walking, and canoeing. One year Jason, Evan, and I even slept in canoes overnight in front of Camp Henry.
We've joked in the past that the ultimate feat would be to swim to church. At the time we figured our only chance was to use flippers. This year with our distance training we realized we could do it without we did.
On Sunday morning of 4th of July weekend Jason and I put on our swimming trunks and swam to Church. Carissa and Ben followed with a canoe and carried some dry clothes for us to change into.
We swam to the point, swam to the reeds,

swam to the Pickerel/Kimball tunnel,

and then swam to Camp Henry.

We timed it very well and arrived 5 minutes prior to the start of Church.
Last weekend I completed the full test by swimming there AND back.


Blogger Slicy said...

Nice work.

I don't think I would ever do that swim without a wet suit either. Not so much because the water is cold. Mostly because I wouldn't want the slimy seaweed attacking me for such a long swim... yuck

12:05 PM  

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