Monday, June 08, 2009

Cold Cottage

It was a fun but chilly weekend at the cottage. Despite the clouds and cold water, we had a good time with friends and spent plenty of time outdoors. There was some solid volleyball, Frisbee golf, card games, and some good skiing.

As usual, Tom caught more fish in 2 hours than I've caught in the last 5 years.
Saturday was Evie's introduction to water sports. Erin wanted to see Evie's reaction to riding on the tube. Since it was pretty cold Evie was wearing a sweatshirt and onesie under her life jacket. Erin assumed that I wouldn't whip my 1-year-old off the tube on her first ride so regular clothing was pretty safe.
As it turned out, clothing was NOT safe. Once Erin and Evie were situated on the tube I started to pull the boat forward. Somehow Erin and I weren't on the same page and Erin wasn't ready as the boat pulled forward. Suddenly, the rope caught the tube (at the slowest possible speed, but there is still a bit of a jerk) and Erin and baby tumbled backward into the cold water. To her credit, Evie was only mildly upset and wasn't afraid to get back on the tube and go for a ride. She didn't smile, but I'm sure she enjoyed it.
On Sunday night we relaxed with some chocolate ice cream.

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Blogger Slicy said...

Sorry we missed it, looks like you guys had a ball!

12:02 AM  

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