Monday, June 01, 2009

Home Weekend

We hung around town this weekend. Erin wanted to take "1 year" pictures of Evie even if they were a couple months late. We walked to the nature trail and tried to get Evie to pose. With some coaxing we got a few smiles and good shots.
What a pose!

What would make Evie smile more than ducks? Her favorite.
We also caught up on some much needed yard work. We added the missing cement blocks by the air conditioner (appropriately the tarp is tied down with a string of Christmas lights).
There is a section in the back yard that was probably intended to be a garden. We've just let it grow and the weeds were out of control.
So we hacked out the weeds and added a border. Eventually we'll add some pretty plants or flowers and be able to admire the oasis from our deck.

Erin and Evie pulled weeds in the rocks.

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Bring on the Glamor Shots!

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