Monday, June 22, 2009

Cottage June

We've had a lot of nice, quiet time at the cottage in June. On Sunday we celebrated a great father's day with the Veldhof family there. Erin made my day very special. She let me sleep in, made a terrific dinner, and we had a lot of good time as a family. She also bought me a good frisbee (the cottage can never have enough of them) and 2 bags of my favorite candy.
I've been amazed at the wildlife we've seen the past two weekends. Sometimes I forget that we don't have to travel across the country to be amazed by wildlife. We saw turtles digging holes to lay eggs alongside the road, muskrat, all kinds of fish, a dog chasing a duck through the water, and a cat with a recently caught chipmunk hanging out of it's mouth.
Evelyn has become a very nice to her 3 little cousins. She gently gives them hugs when they start crying.

Evie moment: When Evie wakes up she usually plays nicely with her stuffed animals for a few minutes until she isn't groggy more. When she fully wakes up she systematically throws everything out of her crib...which upsets she starts yelling. When we walk into her room she asks for all her things back.


Blogger Amy said...

ha ha. What Evie does in the morning sounds exactly like what Kaylee used to do. She would play until she got bored, I guess, and then she thought the next fun activity would be to throw all her toys out (often every blanket or book, too) and then yell for us to help her get them back. Then she wanted to get up. She still does this occasionally, but doesn't throw her toys out as often.

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