Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Amy and Trevor's Wedding

Last year Erin told me that she hoped she would be a bridesmaid at least one more time. We're moving past the "wedding phase" of our lives and many of our close friends are married. Erin didn't want to say goodbye to wedding parties and last weekend she got her wish. Her work friend Amy got married and Erin was a bridesmaid.

The wedding went very well and we both got to ride around on the party bus between the ceremony and the reception.

The party bus went downtown and to Rockford for pictures.

Here we are at the Gerald R. Ford museum with some beautiful sunshine. Literally, 10 minutes later it was completely cloudy and raining.
It also rained in Rockford. I wasn't in the wedding party, so I stayed on the bus and ate ice cream while everyone else got rained on.
We enjoyed the reception with the whole Spectrum gang and lots of dancing.


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