Monday, July 13, 2009

New Attitude

It was a perfect Michigan weekend. We enjoyed the sun with some friends, some boating, and some great outdoor time. I think Erin and I set a record when we caught 4 turtles on Saturday afternoon with the help of Eric and Amy.

On Saturday Evie went tubing and stayed dry this time. On Sunday we went for a nice walk around Emerald Lake.
Evie has turned into miss attitude. She has a bubbling personality at times and is a complete disaster at other times. Tonight we went shopping for running shoes and I felt like I was the parent portrayed in movies that has the out of control kid. As soon as I set her down she would run to a display, pull as much off as she could with one swipe, and then run to the next and repeat. I couldn't pick up her mess and keep up with her at the same time. It was amazing.
Her favorite meal might be pizza and her enthusiasm shows on her face.
In one of her helpful moments she picked up all our shopping bags and helped carry them to the car...with the car keys too.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love the picture with her and all the bags - too cute! See you guys the 26th at our house for dinner!


8:59 PM  

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