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2009 Pickerel Lake Triathlon

July 4th marked the 5th annual Pickerel Lake Triathlon. The event is now a firm tradition and we think other cottagers around the lakes are starting to notice us. It was certainly the coldest race we've had to date, but that didn't prevent another strong turnout. A total of 3 relay teams and 21 individuals attempted the race.

We gathered down by the beach at 7:30 with the temperature in the low 60's, clouds, and a light wind. This year I noticed the younger kids really took on the challenge. We had 8 kids under 16 years old line up to attempt a solo finish. Seven of them did it!

Last year I introduced the swimming wetsuit. This year 4 of us were sporting them and I suspect more will join next year. Based on the 2009 gossip it sounded like it would be a 2 man race for 1st. It appeared the real drama was going to be places 3 and on, where a big group of racers would be bottled up. The final results are below.

PlaceNameOverallSwimBikeRunBike Pace (mph)Run Pace (min/mi)
1Randy Elenbaas1:21:350:09:310:31:160:40:4818.230:07:51
2Paul Soper1:25:080:11:560:35:110:38:0116.200:07:19
3Jason Schaaf1:34:450:10:210:35:120:49:1216.190:09:28
4Darren Schaaf1:37:490:12:130:36:540:48:4215.450:09:22
5Eric Plantinga1:38:360:15:020:40:010:43:3314.240:08:22
6Mark VanHarn1:39:310:12:450:41:300:45:1613.730:08:42
7Sam Lannon1:39:360:13:500:42:250:43:2113.440:08:20
8Derek Elenbaas1:40:320:16:270:38:160:45:4914.900:08:49
9Steve Elenbaas1:40:450:12:550:38:200:49:304.870:09:31
11Jenny Scott1:41:170:12:540:40:250:47:5814.100:09:13
12Dan Wiley1:44:220:12:450:38:290:53:0814.810:10:13
13Marv Elenbaas1:47:150:14:500:40:250:52:0014.100:10:10
14Seth Kuiper1:49:110:13:100:39:430:56:1814.350:10:50
15Claire Steensma1:49:400:15:310:45:030:49:0612.650:09:27
t16Elizabeth Soper1:50:110:15:380:50:460:43:4711.230:08:25
t16Abby VanHarn1:50:110:09:460:56:380:43:4710.050:08:25
19Ben Elenbaas1:53:220:15:400:42:150:55:2713.490:10:40
20Lindsay Elenbaas1:53:410:14:500:44:380:54:1312.770:10:26
21Haley Elenbaas2:00:380:16:190:48:450:55:34<1 .69="" td="">0:10:41
23Sarah Kuiper2:09:490:17:260:52:470:59:3610.800:11:28
PartialDan KuiperN/A0:14:060:38:16N/A14.90N/A
PartialLydia Soper17:56N/AN/AN/AN/AN/A

The swim is always tough. Even with hard training it still drains you.

I had a strong swim and was first out of the water at 9:31 but very closely followed by Abby and Jason.

NameSwimSwim Pace (min/mi)
Randy Elenbaas0:09:310:28:50
Abby VanHarn0:09:460:29:36
Jason Schaaf0:10:210:31:22
Paul Soper0:11:560:36:10
Darren Schaaf0:12:130:37:01
Mark VanHarn0:12:450:38:38
Dan Wiley0:12:450:38:38
Jenny Scott0:12:540:39:05
Steve Elenbaas0:12:550:39:08
Seth Kuiper0:13:100:39:54
Sam Lannon0:13:500:41:55
Dan Kuiper0:14:060:42:44
Marv Elenbaas0:14:500:44:57
Lindsay Elenbaas0:14:500:44:57
Eric Plantinga0:15:02*0:45:33
Claire Steensma0:15:310:47:01
Elizabeth Soper0:15:380:47:22
Ben Elenbaas0:15:400:47:28
Haley Elenbaas0:16:190:49:27
Derek Elenbaas0:16:270:49:51
Sarah Kuiper0:17:260:52:50
Lydia Soper0:17:560:54:21

*swim time includes being in the bathroom when the race started

The hilly 9.5 mile bike ride has been the source of many mishaps over the years from getting lost to wiping out to getting flat tires. This year was thankfully almost completely clean. Dan Kuiper had a hard fall that knocked him out of the race. But otherwise there were no flats, no wrong turns, and no other falls.

I had several good training runs in June and knew the bike was my biggest edge. I took advantage and had a sizeable lead going into the run.

NameBikeBike Pace (mph)
Randy Elenbaas0:31:1618.23
Paul Soper0:35:1116.20
Jason Schaaf0:35:1216.19
Darren Schaaf0:36:5415.45
Derek Elenbaas0:38:1614.90
Dan Kuiper0:38:1614.90
Steve Elenbaas0:38:2014.87
Dan Wiley0:38:2914.81
Seth Kuiper0:39:4314.35
Eric Plantinga0:40:0114.24
Marv Elenbaas0:40:2514.10
Jenny Scott0:40:2514.10
Mark VanHarn0:41:3013.73
Ben Elenbaas0:42:1513.49
Sam Lannon0:42:2513.44
Lindsay Elenbaas0:44:3812.77
Claire Steensma0:45:0312.65
Haley Elenbaas0:48:4511.69
Elizabeth Soper0:50:4611.23
Sarah Kuiper0:52:4710.80
Abby VanHarn0:56:3810:06

The run is TOUGH and there were a lot of solid times this year. Paul set a new course record with a run of 38:01. I struggled throughout but posted a good enough run to hold on to first.

NameRunRun Pace (min/mi)
Paul Soper0:38:010:07:19
Randy Elenbaas0:40:480:07:51
Sam Lannon0:43:210:08:20
Eric Plantinga0:43:330:08:22
Elizabeth Soper0:43:470:08:25
Abby VanHarn0:43:470:08:25
Mark VanHarn0:45:160:08:42
Derek Elenbaas0:45:490:08:49
Jenny Scott0:47:580:09:13
Darren Schaaf0:48:420:09:22
Claire Steensma0:49:060:09:27
Jason Schaaf0:49:120:09:28
Steve Elenbaas0:49:300:09:31
Marv Elenbaas0:52:000:10:00
Dan Wiley0:53:080:10:13
Lindsay Elenbaas0:54:130:10:26
Ben Elenbaas0:55:270:10:40
Haley Elenbaas0:55:340:10:41
Seth Kuiper0:56:180:10:50
Sarah Kuiper0:59:360:11:28

Once again we had some major improvements over last year. 10 out of 13 who competed last year bettered their times.

Comparison with Last Year20072008Time Diff% Impr
Jenny Scott1:56:431:41:170:15:2615.2%
Ben Elenbaas2:05:501:53:220:12:2811.0%
Dan Wiley1:51:481:14:220:07:267.1%
Paul Soper1:30:131:25:080:05:056.0%
Seth Kuiper1:54:391:49:110:05:285.0%
Marv Elenbaas1:52:241:47:150:05:094.8%
Derek Elenbaas1:42:101:40:320:01:381.6%
Randy Elenbaas1:22:321:21:350:00:571.2%
Steve Elenbaas1:41:191:40:450:00:340.6%
Mark VanHarn1:39:521:39:310:00:210.4%

Jason, Paul, Steve, and I all completed our 5th consecutive solo race this year. Darren, Dan Kuiper, Sarah Kuiper, and Mark VanHarn have all participated every year.

The 2009 Evie.
The Elenbaas invitees.
It was great to have Erin race again. In 2007 she was the top female finisher. This year she was part of the top relay team with Lisa. Jenny broke the record for the best female time after improving by over 15 minutes this year. It is awesome seeing the progress this race has made. Every year the winning time has improved. Here is a summary of overall race since it's inception.

YearBest TimeBest SwimBest BikeBest Run
20051:26:49 (D Rupke)9:28 (D Kett)37:01 (D Rupke)40:06 (D Rupke)
20061:23:21 (D Masselink)10:24 (D Kett)31:54 (D Schaaf)38:12 (D Masselink)
20071:23:06 (R Elenbaas)11:16 (J Schaaf)31:46 (R Elenbaas)38:50 (R Elenbaas)
20081:22:32 (R Elenbaas)9:41 (R Elenbaas)33:45 (J Schaaf)38:57 (R Elenbaas)
20091:21:35 (R Elenbaas)9:31 (R Elenbaas)31:16 (R Elenbaas)38:01 (P Soper)

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