Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Big Lake

We've been enjoying Lake Michigan the last few weeks. We went to Tunnel Park near Holland for an evening 2 weeks ago. It was a pleasant evening with fun waves,

and there was a huge flock of seagulls to run through.
This past weekend we joined Erin's parents at the Christian Reformed Conference Grounds near Grand Haven for a long weekend. Despite her lack of smiling, Evie greatly enjoyed the outdoors. She did very well in the kiddy pool, even when she slipped and went under momentarily a few times.

Last week Erin was getting dinner ready. Typically, that involves Evie creating chaos in the kitchen as she tries to get Erin's attention and begins begging for the food Erin is preparing. So Erin was surprised when she suddenly heard silence. While searching for the cause of this silence she saw Evelyn had learned a new trick...climbing.
Erin laughed, took a picture, and then got the naughty one down from her chair. Minutes later Evie was ON the table going after my salad.
One of Evelyn's other new tricks is eating with utensils. She likes cheerios so this morning we poured her a bowl and let her try. She stuck with the spoon for a surprisingly long time before moving on to easier means.


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