Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Lousy Weather

It has been the worst weather summer that I can remember. We've had a great amount of time at the cottage, just no good weekend weather. This weekend was more of the same - 60's, rain, and a lot of indoor time.

We still find things to do. For the most part everyone sits around and watches Evie. My mom couldn't resist buying Evie a little doll, which my dad aptly named "Miss $9.99." Evie loved it.

One outdoor activity we end up doing a lot with the poor weather is going for walks.
Evie likes to ride in our backpack carrier, but thought the motorcycle looked more fun.Last week Erin bought Evie a kid-sized camping chair. At the cottage she was happy to relax, put on her shades, and put her feet up by her good buddy Molly.
Stuffed animals are favorites. Evie can mimic the noises of a monkey, cow, dog, duck, and make a fish face. She's also working on her other words - 1, 2, 3, thank you, mama, dada (although she regularly calls me mama), amen, dog.
Erin spent a few hours trying to get Evie to pose for 'artsy' photos and got some good ones.
Evie finally warmed up to great-grandpa Soper's antics and had a great night joking around with him.

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