Sunday, December 04, 2011

The Ultimate Christmas Tradition

I have lots of traditions, and the Christmas season is filled with them. I think I have a new favorite. Erin and I made our own family Advent Tree. The tree and pouches are the handiwork of Erin's sewing and creativity skills, and every day of December leading up to Christmas has a Christmas themed family activity.

I hope our kids enjoy it as much as us.
DAY 1: Oops, Advent tree went up too late, we have to make this one up.
DAY 2: Make Christmas cookies together - Chocolate Andes Mint Cookies this time.
DAY 3: Have a sleepover in front of the Christmas tree. Will and Jack missed out this year and I have a feeling Erin will opt for her bed every year. Their loss! Evie and I had a blast.
DAY 4: Go through house and donate unnecessary items to Goodwill.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

:) Love the idea!

4:00 PM  
Blogger iloveredheads said...

man, that sounds like fun

1:31 PM  

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