Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Addiction to Stupid Games: Part 3

This week's installment is in relation to Tony Hawk, Pro Skater 3. It is a sweet skateboarding game that I originally got hooked on when I played it on N64 and later Playstation 2. Not a whole lot cool to say about this addiction. I basically played it a lot, set good records, and eventually moved on.

It is the same story as SSX so I won't repeat it. Plus, most people don't know these two games all that well so commenting on my addictions to them isn't all that interesting. However, they are merely prerequisites to my real stupid game addictions. The whole series is 7 parts and we've got the two boring ones out of the way now (SSX and Tony Hawk). I have a feeling the next few games will be very relatable to most people as nearly everyone has played them. The countdown to #1 continues... Next week is Yahoo! Pool.


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