Thursday, September 15, 2005

Dead Trees = Pain in the Rear

The biggest complaint Erin and I had with our house after we moved in a couple of months back was that two big trees in the back yard were dead. We bought the house in late March before there were any leaves on the trees and moved in at the end of May to see that one tree was dead and another tree was very dead. The bark on the "very dead" tree was falling off and when I tried to take a few of the lower branches off they basically just snapped. So I had a few tree removal companies take a look at them and quotes ranged from $380 to $1100 just to get them on the ground. Well we finally had them dropped and now the back yard is safe again. I had much appreciated help from Erin and Reuben. We removed everything except the small twigs in about 3 hours of work.


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