Sunday, September 25, 2005

The Fighting I-L-L-I-N-I

The fighting Illini is exactly what they weren't on Saturday. They got run over by MSU 61-14 on their home field.

I went down to U of Illinios on Friday night to visit my old roommate and good friend Michael Bloem. He showed us the campus, his office, we did some tailgating, and enjoyed some college football.

We tailgated at a party put on by a local radio station. For some reason it was free and everything inside was free. No complaining here, though. We even had the marching Illini play for us for awhile. Check out that dude in front of the left Tuba. No one else in the entire group even reached his shoulder. He had to be 7 feet tall.

Like I said, it was a lopsided game. Here is a before and after of the fans:

When there was still hope in the first quarter...

And halfway through the 3rd quarter...


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