Monday, October 17, 2005

Mid October Ski

Skiing is one of my favorite activities. I absolutely love gliding across smooth water on a slalom ski. Unfortunately, Michigan offers only 3 months of skiing weather a year, and everybody else in the state has to cram it in over that same period and on the same lakes, so a smooth ski is rare. Well this past weekend I was able to enjoy this beloved sport one last time for my first ever October ski. The Hoolsema's waited to winterize their boat until we took it out a final time and boy are we all glad they did. Jeff and I skied both Saturday and Sunday and Eric and Luke each skied once in the 62 degree waters and 55 degree air. Luke and I also got to tube. The beauty of skiing in mid-October is you don't have to compete with anyone else. Both days were windy but we could go back and forth on the protected sides of the lake. Luke and Eric took a bunch of pictures with Luke's professional camera too. Notice the changing colors in the background.



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oh and ps, becky norricks, the ra from zeta has a blog too Bex's Blog

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I saw this an instantly thought of you

You Might Be a Dutch Calvinist if:

1. You finish the food on your plate in a restaurant even though it is burnt or otherwise not suitable for human consumption.
2. You reused plastic margarine containers long before anyone had heard of "the environmental movement."
3. You have a two volume address book:
1. Volume I: A-U
2. Volume II: V-Z
4. You've never skipped church to watch the Superbowl.
5. Your main contribution in increased gender equality was the switch from King to Wilhelmina brand peppermints.
6. Your range of restaurant choice is restricted by the contents of a "buy one meal, get one free" coupon book that you purchased to support missionaries in Sierra Leone...
7. ...or Russ'
8. You wipe the last of the butter out of the container with your bun.
9. Your mother's hairdo is the same at your wedding as it was at hers.
10. Your closet is divided into work clothes and Sunday clothes.
11. Your church attendance record is not disrupted by childbirth.
12. Your Sunday routine resembles: church, coffee, roast beef, jello, salad, snooze, church.
13. You have a front room but never sit in it.
14. All your cookies taste like almonds.
15. You make the bed in your motel room.
16. The last tip you left at a restaurant was, "don't wear so much make-up and a little quicker with the coffee."
17. You have always been to church on New Year's Eve.
18. You can sing "eere zij God" even though you can't speak Dutch.
19. You think that being progressive means discarding the church hymnbook in favor of Keith Green songs on the overhead.
20. Seeing raised hands during worship causes you to look around for the mugger.
21. You are still trying to justify owning a dishwasher.
22. At your wedding everyone is swaying but no one is dancing.
23. You attended worship services at a campground amphitheater.
24. You know what an afghan is.
25. You have lace on your windows but NOT your underwear.

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