Thursday, October 20, 2005

Addictions to Stupid Games: Part 5

The last 3 stupid game addictions in this series are the ones that were/are really ridiculous. Yahoo euchre was a severe addiction the summer before my senior year of Calvin. Like yahoo pool, yahoo euchre keeps all your stats and gives you a rating. This rating becomes very coveted the longer you play. For yahoo euchre a new player starts with a rating of 1500 and it adjusts similarly to yahoo pool. You take the average rating of your team and put it against the average rating of your opponent's team. If they are the same then the winning team each gets 15 added to their rating and the losing team gets 15 subtracted from their rating.

So if my rating was 1600 and my partner's was 1800 and we played a 1750 and 1650 team and won, my rating would go to 1615. And also like yahoo pool, it is advantageous to play a team with a better average rating than your own. That way you can play 2 games in a row and go 1-1 but leave with an overall better rating. I've played a game so lopsided before that I won 26 points for winning but only dropped 4 with a loss. The other key scoring tidbit about yahoo euchre is if you abandon a game before it finishes your rating takes the hit for both you and your teammate. So if it is a fair game and my team lost after I abandoned the game, my rating would go down a full 30 points and my partner's wouldn't change at all.

Yahoo euchre games can take 3 minutes to finish but usually take 5-15 minutes each so its hard to finish a lot in a short period of time. During the peak of my addiction I played over 25 games in a single day.

I will say that I was pretty awesome. Yahoo "color codes" each rating level and lumps everyone above 1650 into a single color. My highest rating was an impressive 2380. Unfortunately, by the time I got to that rating I became very picky about who I played. You couldn't really find 3 other people with ratings up there so I'd have to play a couple of people at about 1900 and take on a partner at 1500. But then I would just get infuriated with inevitable stupidity of my partner. Here are my current statistics. I basically haven't played since that summer.

Rating: 2135
Games Played: 819
Wins: 434
Losses: 385
Games Abandoned: 67
Streak: lost 2


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