Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Addictions to Stupid Games: Part 4

My 4th biggest addiction to a stupid game was Yahoo! Pool. This happens to be Yahoo!'s most popular online game and I had my way with it mainly during interim my senior year. With plenty of free time for a change I decided to spend it playing my friends as well as strangers in this online game. The reason I like online Yahoo! games so much is that they keep track of your statistics and give you a rating. Your rating I believe starts at 1200 for Yahoo! Pool. If you were to play someone who also had a rating of 1200 and beat them, yours would go up by 15 and theirs would go down by 15. But, if you played someone with a better rating than yourself and beat them, your rating would go up by more than 15. The kicker is, your rating would drop by less than 15 if you lost. So someone with a lower rating than their opponent has more to gain and less to lose. So anyway, the key is to win of course, but also to play people that have somewhat better ratings. Here are my stats for that 1-2 month period where I played a lot of Yahoo! Pool:

Rating: 1738
Games Played: 753
Wins: 362
Losses: 391
Games Abandoned: 11
Streak: won 5

I'm pretty sure my best rating was near 1850. This addiction did not last long but as you can see, I racked up quite a few games in that short span. Ahh Interim...


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